Welcome to Ray's Rewards!

We are pleased to announce the next big thing at Ray's Wine & Spirits, the highly anticipated Ray's Rewards Program!

You can swing on by the store to fill out your application and get your fancy new Ray's Rewards Card or, if you'd prefer, click here to download the application and fill it out before you get here.  Bring it with you on your next visit to Ray's Wine & Spirits to receive your Ray's Rewards Card!

Here at Ray's, we are committed to bringing you the best selection and service in all things wine, spirits, and craft beer.  The Ray's Rewards Program is just the next step in making your experience as awesome as can be!

Rewards Highlights

  • Earn 4 points for every qualified dollar you spend
  • Receive a $5 Reward when you reach 1000 points
  • Bonus Reward Point offers throughout the year
  • Everyday In-store Rewards
  • Advanced Notice on Rewards Program Special offers

Program Benefits

What Does My Card Do For Me?

Your card earns points for you, each and every time you shop - points that can be redeemed for valuable savings!  Get rewarded just for choosing to shop with Ray's Wine & Spirits!

Just 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Fill out the enrollment form at the store or at home, whichever is easier.
  2. Receive your Ray's Rewards Card the moment you give us the enrollment form.
  3. Use your Ray's Rewards Card that very same day!  Then, show your card to the cashier every time you shop. You’ll earn 4 points for every qualifying dollar that you spend in the store!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need My Card for Weekly Specials or Sales?
NO! The Rewards Card is NOT a discount or shoppers card, and you will never need it for special or sale prices!

Does the Rewards Card Cost Me Anything?
Absolutely Not! The Rewards Program is our way of thanking you for shopping with us. We will never have you, our valued customer, pay for your own rewards.

Why Do You Ask for My Phone Number?
We may need to contact you if your card is returned to us, or if there is a question about your Rewards Account.

What happens if I forget my card?
If this happens, you may go to customer service and points will be issued onto your account.

Do I Need to Keep Track of My Points or Receipts?
NO! You do not have to keep your receipts, but you will see your current Points Balance displayed on your receipt each time you shop.

How Do I Check My Point Balance?
There are 3 ways to find out your point balance:
1. Online - use the Balance Inquiry field above this FAQ section
2. The bottom of your receipt every time you shop, or
3. Have Customer Service or a cashier scan your card

How Do I Spend My Points?
Every time you reach 1000 or more points, let us know before we start your transaction that you'd like to reedem your points.  It's that easy!

What if I Lose My Card?
Please see a cashier for a replacement. They will transfer your existing points balance to a new card.

Should Everyone in My Household Get Their Own Card?
No. Your card has 2 key tags. Give one to other members of your household, so all of your points will go to the same account. Watch how fast they add up!

Will My Personal Information Be Sold?
Absolutely Not! Ray's Wine and Spirits is a family-owned business and we value your privacy.  The Rewards Program and your information is owned by Ray's Wine and managed by Loyalty Lane Inc., with a very close working relationship between the two companies. None of the information you give us will EVER be sold, rented or shared by either company or its employees or associates.

If I Give My Email Address, Are You Going to Fill My Inbox?
No.  When you initially enroll, we will send you a Welcome email.  After that, we will send an occasional email as a courtesy reminder when you have enough points to redeem.  We don't like our inbox full of ads and we're not going to fill yours.

Is This a Limited Time Promotion?
No. This is not a limited-time or temporary promotion. This a program.

Privacy Notice

Privacy Statement
Your Privacy is protected! All of your personal information is completely confidential and will not be shared or sold to anyone by Ray's Wine, Loyalty Lane Rewards, or any affiliates or employees of either company. Your information will only be used by Ray's Wine to contact you with communications and special offers. You always have the option to discontinue these communications.

We employ state of the art encryption technology when sending and receiving confidential information. Customer privacy is at the heart of everything we do.

Information Collection
We collect information provided by our website users during registration for certain activities such as creating an account, signing up for email announcements and newsletters, making purchases, and when visitors provide their personal contact information when requesting information about products and services. We may periodically send out newsletters or other types of promotional announcements to those who have registered their email addresses with us. No third parties will contact registered users except through advertisements contained in the newsletters sent from us. We do not reveal any personal information that is provided by our website users to any third parties without prior permission. We use every reasonable precaution to keep personal information secure.

Removal from Database
Registered users can be removed from future email announcements at their request. Instructions for removal are contained in Preferences.

Terms and Conditions
  • Any person enrolling in the Ray's Wine Rewards program or using the rewards card or using this website, constitutes accepting all the terms and conditions stated here.
  • Ray's Wine reserves the right to change reward values or modify the terms and conditions of the Ray's Wine Rewards program at any time.
  • The Ray's Wine Rewards program is the property of Ray's Wine and we reserve the right to terminate the program at any time. A 30-day notice will be given to Ray's Wine Rewards cardholders prior to termination.
  • Ray's Wine will always endeavor to provide proper points values for shopping, and will correct any reasonable errors, but can not be responsible for all alleged errors.
  • Phone number in lieu of card is designed as a backup only. Ray's Wine will endeavor to correct any reasonable errors, but cannot be responsible for phone number(s) errors or duplicate phone numbers on record.
  • Ray's Wine reserves the right to terminate Rewards accounts that have been inactive for two years.
  • Ray's Wine cannot be responsible for the actions of employees or associates of businesses or organizations or their behavior as it relates to the Rewards Program.

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